May 18, 2018. Durango, Dgo.
By BBA Correspondant

With great success, the State Attorney General of the State of Durango and CWAG (Conference of Western Attorneys General) coordinated the “Durango Trial Advocacy Forum” with the participation of well known trial advocates from the United States of America.

During a brief introduction, Susan Lustig (Administrative Director for CWAG) expressed their great desire to share trial advocacy skills through guest speakers who traveled to Durango from California and Oregon.

Lustig indicated they “did not come to impose” a certain version of oral trials, but instead were there with hopes that new system operators and lawyers in Mexico take advantage of many skills that these trial advocates have learned for many years in American courts and are happy to share.

The guest speakers in this forum were:  John Haroldson (Benton County District Attorney), Maria Teresa Suarez – Haroldson and Anthony Da Silva (Assistant Attorney General for the State of California).

This event was distinguished by the presence of Ruth Medina Aleman, Attorney General for the State of Durango on behalf of the State Governor Jose Rosas Aispuro Torres, as well as presiding justice Esteban Calderon Rosas from the State Supreme Court.