African Lawyers Gearing-up for an Adversarial System

July 8, 2019 – Abuya, Nigeria

As part of a international program to strengthen the legal systems of the United States, Mexico and other countries around the world fostered by the Conference of Western Attorneys General -CWAG Alliance Partnership and the government of Nigeria, representatives of the San Diego County – Office of the Public Defender participated in a two-day workshop in the capital city of Abuya, Nigeria (Africa) on office policies and good practices, trial advocacy and defense investigations skills.

Nigerian government officials, including prosecutors and public defenders from several regions of this country congregated to learn from their American colleagues with several decades of experience defending indigents accused of committing serious crimes. Former Public Defender Mr. Henry Coker, Jesus Romero and Ricardo Garces shared their knowledge with young and enthusiastic Nigerian attorneys who interacted with the panelists.